Friday, October 1, 2010

'Poisoned Apples'

Aren't these 'Poisoned Apples' apples just great?

They are definitely a show stopper and would be a welcome addition to any Halloween party!

I saw them on Matt Bites last year and immediately knew I would be taking them to the Story Book themed Halloween Bash we were attending.

Candied apples are surprisingly simple to make...

I clipped some twigs off of the cherry tree in our back yard, washed them off and filed the ends sharp.

Try and find some apples from a local produce stand if you can.  Supermarket apples have a food grade wax on them that is hard to remove.  Candy coating will slide right off of a wax coated apple.

Heat the water, corn syrup and sugar until temp reaches 300 degrees 

Add your food colorings and any flavored oils, then dip the apple completely in the syrup and swirl until it is fully covered by the candy mixture.  Let the excess drip back into the pan.

for the recipe

Where would you bring these fabulous treats?



  1. They's so shiney and beautiful! They would make a perfect addition to a twilight themed party and of course they're perfect for Halloween.

  2. These are so fun! Love them!

  3. Very cute, seem so simple yet very creative

  4. Oooh! Those are LOVELY! I'm smitten!
    I hope you will come link these and all your lovely confections up to my Thursday-SUnday Making It With Allie Party!